Construction Services

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Over 25 Years Experience Supporting International Enterprises

Our approach to construction benefits clients by giving them one point of contact and accountability. This method streamlines communication, reduces risk, costs, and errors, fosters collaboration, and speeds project completion.
Our specialized skills and years of experience allow us to identify costs early in the process and work with clients to maximize their budgets. With just one point of communication and accountability, we eliminate the common disconnects.

CRANK Construction Services has experienced construction, safety, and quality control managers who can deliver streamlined solutions to meet client needs. We believe working from a place of integrity is always the right choice, so we prioritize it in all our working relationships.

Construction Management & Construction Administration

We serve as our clients’ on-site representative to ensure construction progresses according to quality standards, budget, and timeline. Our team doesn’t just monitor and report on progress and budget; we think around corners to identify and resolve issues before they become more significant problems. Our experienced managers and superintendents are more than administrators – they actively protect our client’s vision and best interests.

Roofing Contractors

CRANK Construction Services includes environmental and construction teams providing both complete and selective demolition. By consolidating these services, we reduce safety and ecological risks common when multiple organizations are involved. In addition to safe, responsible full or partial demolition of buildings, walls, floors, slabs, concrete, concrete block, HVAC, and Electrical systems, we responsibly dispose of hazardous materials.


Commercial roofs are an investment, and we specialize in commercial roof installation and repair that ensures your investment lasts. A commercial roof must be durable and energy efficient, and we have the expertise to deliver a high-quality result regardless of your roof’s materials or architecture. When it’s time to get started, we’ll do everything possible to ensure roof repair or installation has minimal to no impact on your daily operations.