Environmental Services

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Over 25 Years Experience Supporting International Enterprises

Whatever the project, environmental considerations are essential and can be complex. Our experts, including geologists, environmental scientists, certified industrial hygienists, and engineers, know federal, state, and local regulations, so we can anticipate and solve problems before they become delays. Our team will help you find solutions that balance cost, risk, and sustainability.

Our experienced professionals can conduct site assessments and investigations quickly, including asbestos and lead remediation services, cultural and natural resource planning, regulatory compliance, waste planning, occupational safety, and industrial hygiene.


Our asbestos services include sampling materials, lab analysis, reporting, and planning. If we find Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) in a building, we’ll work with you to find a competent contractor to remove and dispose of materials safely and according to guidelines. Our team can provide asbestos inspection, surveys, air sampling, abatement, project management, monitoring, and consulting.

Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint & Hazardous Material Services

As part of our renovation and demolition services, we can provide AHERA, asbestos, lead-based paint, and Hazardous Materials Surveys for DOD, educational, industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. We aim to identify hazardous materials early in the demolition or renovation project to provide clients with accurate timelines and estimates.

Asbestos Consulting Services

Our team of trained consultants can provide cost-effective inspections and surveys to clients across industries. We’ll provide a straightforward report that will support accurate estimates for remediation. We can provide:
• Employee training
• Sampling and lab analysis
• Inspections and re-inspections
• Lab data validation
• Project management
• Drawings and specs with cost estimates
• Air monitoring

Lead-based Paint

We provide lead-based paint inspections, monitoring, and risk assessments that allow you to comply with EPA and OSHA standards. Our inspections determine if there is lead-based paint in a structure and what the potential hazards are for long-term exposure. Our services include:
• Risk assessment
• Inspections and surveys
• Abatement oversight
• Sampling and abatement planning
• Work and engineering practice controls
• Exposure monitoring
• Worksite monitoring and reporting

Storage Tanks

Regulations governing fuel and petroleum storage systems are abundant and complex. We’ll work with your staff to create a compliant program that meets or exceeds local, state, and federal requirements.
An effective Storage Tank Compliance program facilitates passing inspections the first time, minimizing compliance notices, eliminating penalties for noncompliance, controlling environmental impacts of leaking tanks and expensive cleanup efforts, addressing operation and routine maintenance, and helping you manage costs for upgrades and repairs.

Stormwater Permits and Compliance

Stormwater runoff can contain chemicals, sediment, and trash that can impact lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, and oceans. Our team will work with you to develop innovative, eco-friendly strategies to address stormwater runoff.