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Holger Obenaus is an award winning, nationally published, Hi-Impact Commercial and Editorial Photographer. He specializes in Architectural Photography, Interior Design Photography, Food Photography and Product Photography.

Early in his career Holger recognized the importance of technology in his approach. To achieve his signature look of Understated Elegance, Holger developed a unique approach to combine the unmatched beauty of traditional Large Format Film Photography with the versatility and convenience of state-of-the-art Digital Technology. His meticulous workflow incorporates the artistic use of natural and artificial light. Holger’s never-ending quest for perfection led to close relationships with the best innovators in the industry: Phase One, Broncolor and Linhof. Although he is a master in post-production, Holger strongly believes in “Getting it right in the camera.”

The Result: Timeless Iconic images of stunning beauty, masterfully crafted one at a time.

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