CASE STUDY: SMILE! Advanced Dental Center


With a team committed to excellence — and the best smiles possible — SMILE! Advanced Dental Center offers the highest caliber of experience, education, and technology. Providing everything from essential general dentistry and teeth whitening, to orthodontics, and cosmetic and restorative dental services, their superior treatment covers every smile through all stages of life.

The only thing this Summerville, SC-based dental practice was missing was their own “smile makeover” for their brand.

CRANK Digital Marketing Authority designed an entirely new, optimized website for SMILE! while upgrading their logo and branding. We also created a content marketing program, including blog and social media, to increase SEO and drive additional awareness for their practice in the Summerville area.


Our goal was to transform SMILE! Advanced Dental Center into a modern, relevant brand that reflects their superior level of dental services. That included creating a professional, aesthetically pleasing website that is functionally optimized for user experience and results to achieve SMILE!’s marketing goals.


  • Technical and Organic SEO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Hosting & Security Maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Website Design + Copy
  • Internal + External Collateral



The former logo for this dental practice was an all-over gradient golden yellow, including the grinning swoosh graphic underneath it. Subconsciously, this color did not send the best message for a dental practice that prided itself on whitening smiles that are yellow and discolored!


We gave the logo a good dental cleaning and created a refreshed brand identity — no yellow smiles allowed! To evolve the brand while maintaining some unity with the former logo, we used the same font and reintroduced the yellow color as a sunny accent. Our favorite part is the more subtle swoosh in the letter “i”; it’s a more sophisticated nod to the smiley shape.



The SMILE! website needed more than just a bi-annual cleaning. We were in full makeover territory. Here are the top five reasons why.

  1. Aesthetically, the site was radically dated and lacked professionalism in style and imagery.
  2. Functionally, the site was not optimized for UX and dramatically failed to show up in search.
  3. The former URL — MakeSummervilleSmile.com — implemented keywords used by every other dentist in the region.
  4. The site also didn’t properly celebrate SMILE!’s top-notch services with copy. We needed better words.
  5. There was not a current blog or content strategy — a must-have to help increase (search engine optimization (SEO).


The importance of a website’s first impression cannot be overstated; it’s often the beginning of a relationship between you and your customers. To put SMILE!’s best beaming face forward, we designed a fresh, sparkling-clean website with all-new optimized text that utilized keywords, selected specifically to help SMILE! compete in a crowded market of local dental practices. We also scheduled a photo shoot and upgraded all the images on the site.

Changing the domain to Summerville.Dentist immediately put the site on a better SEO path as did moving it to an independent hosting platform for enhanced maintenance, security, and performance.

Like teeth, websites require ongoing brushing and flossing — not only in the routine maintenance category, but also for effective content marketing and SEO performance. To that end, we create a strategic editorial calendar every quarter for blogs and social posts, which are written by a professional copywriter.