CASE STUDY: CRANK Digital Marketing Authority


You’ve heard the expression, “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes.” Well, we realized WE WERE THE SHOEMAKERS!

At CRANK Digital Marketing Authority, formerly known as Lowcountry Media Solutions, we were building and marketing beautiful, effective brands for every one of our clients, but we had neglected to give our own brand the same passion, care, and attention.

So, we changed that.

We knew we had outgrown our Lowcountry Media Solutions brand on all levels. Sure, we’re based in Charleston (Lowcountry!), but we serve clients nationally and internationally. Yes, we offer social media solutions, but our 15-plus years of expertise really encompasses much more than that with our digital and branding capabilities.

That meant it was time for a total re-brand, and we completed our shift to CRANK Digital Marketing Authority in January 2019.


To create a new, elevated (AND FUN!) brand to better reflect the evolution of our company’s mission, vision, and expertise. We are a women-owned small business with personality — and we’re proud of it! We wanted our brand to reflect that.


We underwent a full rebranding effort, including:

  • Name and Logo Redesign
  • Website Design
  • Blog content
  • Internal and External Collateral, including:
    • Capabilities Statement
    • Onboarding Documents
    • Proposal Templates
    • Contracts
    • Presentations, and more.



It’s not always easy to create an exciting brand for any company, much less one like us that works in the digital marketing space. There’s a lot of ubiquity out there — and “talking digital” is not always the most colorful subject matter. But, we really wanted to stand out while humanizing our brand and making our content approachable.


The whole idea behind the name CRANK was (a) it offered something memorable; (b) the word conveys energy and action; a sense of cranking up our clients’ business; and (c) it lets us have fun! We added a byline of “Digital Marketing Authority” so it’s what we do — and that we’re experts at it, too.  We even echo our brand in every single email we send with the line “CRANK up your day!”

CRANK Digital Marketing Authority

“We’re a fierce and fun women-owned small business, and we wanted our new brand to reflect that — superhero capes and all!”

-Cynthia Newman

CRANK Digital Marketing Authority



If you know, you know… website projects are ALWAYS a challenge. There are a lot of layers involved in creating or rebranding a website. But, the payoff is so worth every step of the hard work. Our former Lowcountry site was no longer serving our needs. It didn’t properly reflect our full range of expertise and services; it wasn’t mobile optimized; it was the wrong brand for us. We offer website design and internet marketing services, so we knew our brand needs to be a model citizen for those things, too!



We all want our websites to be pretty. Check. We get it. But, there’s a lot more that goes into an effective site that meets your goals. At CRANK, we completely customized our new site to not only be aesthetically elevated, but to also have the content and functionality to back it up. We’ve integrated our full range of services.We have blog content. Our case study pages showcase our work. Every page is SEO optimized. We have a fully managed security maintenance program. And, our site can grow with us because we work in an ever-changing field that requires constant updates and additions.

CRANK Digital Marketing Authority
CRANK Digital Marketing Authority
CRANK Digital Marketing Authority

“Dedication to quality is an upfront investment that pays off in spades over the long term — especially when it comes to your brand.”

-Cynthia Newman