There’s a lot of potential in local search marketing, but few businesses know how to turn that into results. Here are a few things you can do to refocus your campaign and start generating leads:

Engagement happens on a local levelĀ 

The more we find out about customer engagement, the more we learn just how important location is. According to thisĀ Search Engine Land article, the majority of engagement happens with local brands:

“The majority of consumer engagement with brands (85-95 percent)Ā happens through local listings, local web pages or other local search results. Location is often discussed synonymously with local, so the use of location data in marketing is a good indicator of the emphasis placed on local. This year, 50 percent of brands are using location data to target consumers.”

This is one of the biggest advantages for small businesses. Consumers are drawn to them, and they can take advantage of it with a local search marketing campaign.

Claim your listingsĀ 

One of the simplest, yet most effective local search strategies is to claim your local listings. This is important for search engines and can help you acquire better local site rankings. Claiming your listings is as easy as it gets, so there’s no excuses for not getting it done.

Start a blogĀ 

Another way you can rise in the local search rankings and get your audience’s attention is by starting a blog. Write about your industry, business, and community and sprinkle in some local keywords. This will help consumers find your business.

Another benefit of blogging is getting links from other local blogs. Whether it’s in the form of a testimonial or not, getting inbound links from local authoritative sites can drive new prospective customers to your business. These users are from your community and will therefore be likely to convert.

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