Most people will say that link building is an outdated search engine optimization method, and that it’s a waste of time. They happen to be correct. Building hundreds of low-quality links through spam and link farms will only get your site penalized. However, to say that backlinks do not matter is simply untrue.

Links do still matter. What changed is that Google looks at the quality of the links now, whereas they used to look at the quantity. So if you get a few links from high-quality sites, your rankings will go up. 

Outgoing links are important too. If you link to a high-quality outside site, you’re showing Google that your website is discussing high-quality content as well. However, too many outgoing links, especially if they are linking to low-quality sites, is not recommended.

Inbound links help your rankings as well. If you are linking to another page on your website, it tells Google that you yourself value your content. If you have one page ranking well and another not ranking at all, linking the two pages to each other will boost the rankings of the low-ranking page.

The best way to get high-quality backlinks from other sites is by offering to write guest posts. You can either write these yourself or have your writer do it for you. Write an interesting and engaging post for the other site and include a link back to your site. It’s a win-win situation: You get a link, and the site owner gets a free article. Of course, make sure to only write guest articles for high-authority sites.

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