Did you come across this article looking for information on Local Search Optimization? Today, many businesses understand the importance of being online, having a website, and maintaining a social presence. However, online marketing is different from traditional marketing strategies. There is an inbound strategy which builds an audience at every stage of the sales funnel and consumer life-cycle.

That said, Local Search Optimization (or Local SEO) is not just for the small, local business. Every savvy business owner will focus on local search. The average user is looking for a business in a specific area. Therefore, Google and other search engines will often personalize search results pages, factoring in distance from the user. Traditional Search Engine Optimization relies on a website and webpage’s design and authority. Local Search Optimization focuses on identifying a website and web page as locally relevant and reliable.

Some of the push toward Local SEO is the smartphone revolution and how people now use search. Recent studies from Google show that mobile search has become the largest segment of queries. People no longer wait until they get to a computer to do their research. Spontaneously, the moment that a person wants or needs information about how to fix their roof, where to buy tires, or what to do this weekend, they will grab their smartphone and immediately search. In these moments, more often than not, they are looking for information from a reliable local source.

Ultimately, Local Search Optimization is important to any business that relies largely on attracting customers within the same city or town. Therefore, Local SEO ensures the most qualified leads. It targets people who are nearby and most likely to buy your products or use your service. Is that something you can use in your situation?

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