As many entrepreneurs and businesses know, attracting visitors to your e-commerce website is only half the battle. In order to be competitive in the rapidly evolving e-commerce sector, there are certain aspects of web design that cannot be ignored. Designing an e-commerce website requires clear goals, with user experience as the prime focus. 

Consumers are moving more and more to their smartphones to make their purchasing decisions. Therefore, e-commerce is becoming increasingly important, whether you are solely focused on online sales, or are a brick-and-mortar store evolving to add “click and order” on your website. Therefore, a significant focus needs to be placed on user experience, and converting visitors into buyers.

Try these easy ways to improve your e-commerce web design, and you will quickly see an improvement in sales conversations.

Easy E-commerce Web Design Improvements

1. Website Speed – The longer it takes for your web pages to load, the more frustrated your visitors will become and the more likely they will leave. There are many easy ways to boost your website’s speed, including browser caching, making use of gzip compression, utilizing a content delivery network (CDN), and others.

2. Become Mobile Friendly – Google’s recently revealed research shows that only 15 percent of users are computer-only, but, also, the vast majority is seamlessly moving between devices to meet immediate needs. If your website is not providing a good user experience across the most popular devices, you are losing sales.

3. Provide Live Chat – Many businesses who thought Live Chat would not work with their clients were astounded when finally gave it a try. Live Chat is about giving customers as many ways to communicate with you as possible. Many people will not fill out all the required information on a form just for a simple question.

4. Add More Video – People love videos, and a look at what is being shared on social sites will make that abundantly clear. Moreover, consumers love videos on e-commerce websites because they cannot touch the items. Video allows people to actually see the product before they buy it.

5. Use Original Product Descriptions – While your distributor or supplier may provide product descriptions for your use, there are likely hundreds of other e-commerce retailers using the same ones. Creating your own original descriptions will help you stand out and improve your SEO.

6. Allow User Generated Content – There is no greater social proof than online reviews, user uploaded images, and customer videos. User-generated content (UGC) also includes blog comments and support forums. All of this works toward building trust and authority, earning you the sale.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like to talk about easy ways to improve your e-commerce web design, or need more information, please contact us.